Mercury Labs SAGL realizes solutions of every typology and complexity, ranging from the standard business card to the brochure, from the study of the logotype (trademark) and the Corporate Identity to the brainstorming for inventing the slogan.

To realize a Corporate Identity, we actively co-operate with the customer, we learn, we listen, we let us teach the customer's business and objectives. That's the only one method in order to correctly study and develop original graphic lines, but mostly, these ideas must meet the image type that the customer wishes to use in order to be recognized with his activity.

We deal with all matters concerning the visibility of the customer on the global market.
We create the customer's Corporate Identity based on the customer's objectives and then by generating a uniform and original package for every scope: business cards, letterheads, brochures, depliants, manifests, etc.
All of that can be then joined withour additional offered services like advertising, web design, animation, and a lot more.


This is a simplified rappresentation of a Corporate Identity development.

The process is generally more complex, but from this schema we can easily notice the Corporate identity development starting from some simple sketches.
These sketches are realized by following the concept indications that the customer wants to represent, later follows the generation of a digitalized deeper study.
This development brings us then to define the Corporate Identity in its proportions, choice of fonts, the logo and the various applications that will apply to the final generated work.
You can then consider the purpose of the Corporate, so its applications, for example print, web, adhesives, etc.