We are specialists in developing and implementing Video Security Systems based on IP Technologies. "IP Video Security" is a technology that permits to integrate in a simple way, different camera technologies in a unique management console. With that technology it's also possible to grant a very good flexibility while you need to expand / upgrade your systems, without the need to change everything you just own.

We mainly offer 2 typologies of that product:

  • Open-Source
  • Professional

Open-Source :
The Open-Source product that we use to realize Video-Security infrastructures is ZoneMinder.
ZoneMinder is a Linux based software that includes a full set of applications and filters especially created for Video Security installations. There's no limit in the number of connectable cameras and there's no limit in the amount of actions that you need to execute for everything regarding Linux or the application itself. The only limit that we can find there, is given by the power of the chosen hardware.

Professional :
Our Professional installations are ONLY performed using AXIS products.
AXIS is a long term leader in this sector. AXIS products are well known world-wide for great quality and reliability. In that case we base our systems on a Windows Server, on AXIS Camera Station and on a lot of AXIS IP cameras. The limit of the managed periferials is given by the license type of AXIS Camera Station. AXIS Camera Station is able to manage a pretty nice amount of cameras without the need of powerful hardware. For example: with a "vulgaris" PC you'll be able to manage more or less 5-6 network cameras together.

There are a couple of big differences between these 2 technologies, the first one is the price. We're always pleased to recommend the Open-Source one to customers that needs simple installations up to a maximum of 3 IP cameras and where the quality and reliability are quite reasonable.
For what regarding the professional systems, there's pratically no limit to the fantasy or imagination on what you can do and also in the amount of IP cameras that you can centrally manage.

We'll be pleased to answare to any questions regarding that argument...