Business Partners

Our Hosting Services are built using only Premium Hardware and are hosted in state of the art Datacenters.

We can provide Hosting Services for the following:

  • Shared Web Servers
  • vServers (Virtual Servers)
  • Voice Servers

Our structure is dislocated in more countries in order to provide better flexibility for our customers. We let our customers choose to have their services installed in the following cities:

  • Zürich, Switzerland
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Our available Hosting Services are

Shared Web Servers vSevers Voice Servers

Our Hosting Services are provided through is a project planned, developed and maintained by us.
We begun in 2006 with a few Game Servers, a few Voice Servers and a couple of Web Servers. Now our customers are a lot more and as we can see they'll continue to remain our customers. This situation happens when a customer finds a perfect service for a reasonable price.
Other companies do a lot of speculations by putting 300+ customers over the same machine even if that machine couldn't handle more than 100 customers... Well, we'll never do that !!! We prefer to go on with our superior quality service !!! is the portal from where to order your needed Hosting Services. An automated Service will guide you through the whole subscription procedure, and another automated procedure will automatically activate your services after purchase.

Please feel free to have a look inside