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Our main Information Technology Services are built for customers that needs support, assistance and maintenance.
Especially we do:

IT enterprise class structures planning and implementation, IT enterprise class structures maintenence, IT enterprise class structures management, Technical IT support, Defective Hardware repair, Secure removal of Viruses, Spyware or other general Malware, Data recovery, and much more...


IT enterprise class structures planning and implementation:
For this kind of task there are a lot of variables to consider. Our work is the most of the times depending from:

  • Customer's needs
  • Customer's working method
  • Needed security level
  • Budget at disposition

Depending from choices, in a SOHO the standard is generally as follows:

  • One or more servers for applications and data
  •   Active Directory
  •   Web/Mail Server
  •   DataBase Server
  •   File & Print Server
  •   ecc...
  • Backup unit (external NAS and/or magnetic)
  • Network parts (Switch, Router)
  • Firewall Applicance (with AntiVirus, AntiSPAM, WebFilter, IPS) with remote VPN connection
  • Wide-Band Modem (Cable, DSL or others)
  • Sometimes a FAX Server also

We are able to plan, calculate, install and put in service every kind of needed structure, needed for the standard business of our customers.

IT enterprise class structures maintenence:
Each IT structure needs maintenance, exactly as a car does.
We better prefer a proactive maintenance than a correctional one; that means: The proactive maintenance is the one that PREVENTS problems or diseases, correctional maintenance instead, is the one applied when a client calls because a problem occured. In that case a disease is granted.

IT enterprise class structures management:
We perform normal management tasks on existant and functional customer's structures. We'll be glad to satisfy every request.

Technical IT support:
A lot of SOHO have their team that has in charge the IT management tasks. It happens sometimes that this team isn't able to completely fullfil this tasks (perhaps because that's not their "core business"). In such cases the customer can easily contact us if a more advanced and professional support is needed.

Defective Hardware repair:
Sometimes it happens that a defective device is not to trash for sure but it can be repaired. We'll be glad to try to repair such devices if it's the case.

Secure removal of Viruses, Spyware or other general Malware:
We're always glad to "remove pests" that our customers find on their PCs. Most of the times these are indesired programs that only disturb the normal daily work, these are programs that broke the system's security and in most of the cases they send data and/or informations outside the office's network.
It's never easy to remove such programs, they automatically install themselves so deeply in the system that sometimes it's even hard to find them. Eradicate from every PC these kind of softwares has become for us a personal challenge.

Data recovery:
Data recovery isis a very complex and sometimes abstract task. We are glad to admit that we can recover data that have been:

  • Deleted by mistake
  • Corrupted for any reason
  • Misteriously disappeared
  • Lost somewhere
  • Lost cause of hardware failure

In most of the cases we're able to recover the lost data directly in our laboratory, but in the case that the hard disk is damaged, we need to send it out to other external companies. These companies dispose of "white chambers" in which they are able to repair these defective hard disks in order to recover the contained data.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more informations...